neue wilde

Piera BESSONE - Marion DESCAMPS - Katrine POMMER 
Detlef  GOTZENS - Altiplano PLATEAU - Javier RAMIREX  
Mette  RIX - Fabrizio SANNA - Cornelis VINK 


Neumagener Straße 27

Haus 7

13088 Berlin  

Marzia Frozen is pleased to announce an  international  group exhibition of a new generation of artists working today. This will be a group exhibition at MARZIA FROZEN in Berlin, and will feature a selection of  paintings, sculptures, photographs,  performances and videos.        

It's  an  homage  to  one of the most influential art movements in Europe since WW2 has proven to be the New Wild. It was  group of artists from Germany, Austria and Swizerland and their efforts have given us some refreshingly carefree art, that has been collected by museums with great gusto ever since.

The term “Neue Wilde” was coined by Wolfgang Becker Aachen. Mr Aachen, an expert in expressionism, and a museum director, used the words to address German characteristics of a much wider movement influenced by the Italian Transavanguardia. Transavanguardia was an influence in art that spread almost simultaneously in Europe and the USA at the time. The French chose to call it  Figuration Libre and in English speaking countries, it became known as New Image Painting or Wildstyle. It was Germany, however, which turned out to be the most fertile ground for the new art.
The New Wild artists have thus far created highly subjective expressions. When it comes to painting, the artists have favoured large canvases with bold brushwork. Those would often contrast highly abstract elements with figurative ones. Another contrast is that of the highly controlled and the wildly spontaneous side by side. The artists also appear to share a certain fondness for neon-bright blocks of colour, interspersed with graffiti tags. In many ways the approach is peculiar blend between the academic discourse, the act of music sampling, and the creative hour in the kindergarten.
Fear, sexuality and obsessions are often being addressed in the works of art. Yet it is often tongue-in-cheek and light-hearted mockery. The latter is a refreshing departure from the more stuffy art that characterised much of the 1970s, and which dealt with equally serious topics.

Senza Titolo, 2013
  Mixed media  on canvas
100 x 100  cm

Cornelis  VINK
It's  my  DNA
, 2013
  Oil on canvas
  100 x 100 cm



Fabrizio  SANNA
Dexia Chair, 2010
  Mixed media  on canvas
100 x 80  cm

Katrine POMMER
Composition, 2012
  Oil, Acrylic on canvas

  100 x 73 cm


 . 2012
  Mixed media on canvas.
  150 x 100 cm