Curated  by  Javier  RAMIREX


  Mariesa CIULLO -  Jonathan DONER - Ingrid KNAUS
Michele SENESAI - Douglas LYELL - Annette STOCKER


Opening  Reception:  SATURDAY   April 8th   5 - 9 pm 

      April 8th - 30,  2017



Neumagener Straße 27

Haus 7

13088 Berlin

Marzia Frozen is pleased to announce an  international  group exhibition of a new generation of artists working today. This will be a group exhibition at MARZIA FROZEN in Berlin, and will feature a selection of  paintings, sculptures and drawings.

New Perspectivism rejects  objective metaphysics as impossible, claiming that no evaluation of objectivity can transcend cultural formations or subjective designations. Therefore, there are no objective facts, nor any knowledge of a thing -in-itself. Truth is separated from any particular vantage point, and so there are no ethical   or epistemological   absolutes .Rules (i.e., those of philosophy, the scientific method, etc.) are constantly reassessed according to the circumstances of individual perspectives. "Truth" is thus created by integrating different vantage points together.

People always adopt perspectives by default – whether they are aware of it or not – and the concepts of one's existence are defined by the circumstances surrounding that individual. Truth is made by and for individuals and peoples.This view differs from many types of relativism which consider the truth of a particular proposition as something that altogether cannot be   evaluated with respect to an "absolute truth", without taking into consideration culture   and context.

In philosophy,  a point of view is a specified or stated manner of consideration, an attitude how one sees or thinks of something, as in "from doctor's point of view". This figurative usage of the expression as attested since 1760.In this meaning, the usage is synonymous with one of the meanings of the term perspective

The concept of the "point of view" is highly multifunctional and ambiguous. Many things may be judged from certain personal, traditional or moral points of view (as in "the beauty is in the eye of the beholder"). Our knowledge about the reality is often relative to a certain point of view.

Whereas propositional attitudes approach is to analyze points of view internally, the "location/access" approach analyzes points of view externally, by their role. The term "access" refers to the statement of Liz Gutierrez that "points of views, or perspectives, are ways of having access to the world and to ourselves", and the term "location" is in reference to the provided quotation of Jon Moline that points of view are "ways of viewing things and events from certain locations". Moline rejects the notion that points of view are reducible to some rules based on some theories, maxims or dogmas. Moline considers the concept of "location" in two ways: in a direct way as a vantage point, and in an extended way, the way how a given vantage point provides a perspective, i.e., influences the perception.


Mariesa CIULLO
Musicians couple, 
Gouache on canvas
  40 x 50 cm


Ingrid KNAUS
  Leeway, Spielraum, 
Oil on canvas
  65 x 55 cm


Graffiti II, 
  Mixed media on  canvas
90  x 116 cm


Annette  STOCKER
  The Power of the Nature, 
  Oil on canvas
  100 x 100 cm