curated  by   Javier  RAMIREX

         Opening  Reception:  SATURDAY   April 30   6 - 12 pm

            April  30  -  May 30,   2011


 Riccardo  MAYR - Olivia  HALLSTEIN  -   Gianni  LEONE

Javier RAMIREX - Fabrizio SANNA  - Robekkah RITCHIE


   Landsberger  Allee  54
   10249  Berlin,  GERMANY
   Tel: +49 (0) 176 686 38384

Marzia Frozen is pleased to announce an  international  group exhibition of a new generation of artists working today. This will be a group exhibition at MARZIA FROZEN in Berlin, and will feature a selection of  paintings, sculptures, photographs,  performances and videos.

A Berlin based exhibit taking place in the year before the predicted apocalypse, the more than ever relevant theme of life after civilization is explored. Inspired by the 1927 film Metropolis, made during the Weimar republic, we have related those times of hardship both portrayed in the film (as a futuristic urban dystopia) and in the time of the Weimar republic itself (a time of apathetic confusion) to our possible future through art. One could say, in our world of greed and disillusioned apathy where information has become king and privacy no longer has relevancy, today's world is tumbling toward a reality similar to that portrayed in the grey divided society of Metropolis. Several questions pertain: what is still left of humanity? Or will we eventually have to overcome our own humanity to adapt to societal expectations? How much of us will be natural and how much robotic? Thus the title and subject matter of this show: post-humans.

A Posthuman or Post-human is a concept originating notably in the fields of science  fiction,   futurology, contemporary art, and philosophy. These multiple and interactive origins have contributed to profound confusion over the similarities and differences between the posthuman of  posthumanism and the posthuman of  transhumanism.
The posthuman, and  posthumanism with it, are philosophical positions that overlap and are constantly engaged with much of  postmodern philosophy,  process  philosophy,  emerging technologies,  and  evolutionary biology,  so the field is constantly changing. The critical notion of the posthuman is isolated from these fields as the embodiment of critical engagement itself; that is to say that the posthuman is not necessarily human in the first place, but is rather an embodied medium though which  critical consciousness is  manifested.

According to   transhumanist thinkers, a posthuman is a hypothetical future  being "whose basic capacities so radically exceed those of present humans as to be no longer unambiguously human  by our current standards."The difference between the posthuman and other hypothetical sophisticated non-humans is that a posthuman was once a human, either in its lifetime or in the lifetimes of some or all of its direct ancestors. As such, a prerequisite for a posthuman is a  transhumance, the point at which the human being begins surpassing his or her own limitations, but is still recognizable as a human person or similar. In this sense, the transition between human and posthuman may be viewed as a continuum rather than an all-or-nothing event.

A variation on the posthuman theme is the notion of a "posthuman god"; the idea that posthumans, being no longer confined to the parameters of  human nature  might grow physically and mentally so powerful as to appear possibly god- like by human standards. This notion should not be interpreted as being related to the idea portrayed in some science  fiction, that a sufficiently advanced species may "ascend" to a higher plane of existence  —rather, it merely means that some posthuman beings may become so exceedingly intelligent and technologically sophisticated that their behaviour would not possibly be comprehensible to modern humans, purely by reason of their limited intelligence and imagination. The difference here is that the latter stays within the bounds of the laws of the material universe, while the former   exceeds them by going beyond it.

We are  human  beings  living in the  Post Humans Era.


Dov(e), 2007
Oil  on  canvas
60 x 40 cm


Love is Luxury, 2011
Mixed Media
Dimensions Variable


Riccardo MAYR
Chernobyl Medium  Gray the  Sight, 2010
Mixed  on Canvas
80 x 60 cm


Fabrizio SANNA
Nessuno  sta  dormendo, 2010
Mixed media on  canvas
110 x 90 cm