Curated  by  Javier  RAMIREX

Francisco  AGEITOS -  Lisa ETTERICH - Heidegrit GROENING
  Ole GAHMS - Stacy GIBBONI -  Steven HEFFER
  Javier RAMIREX - Sheen OCHAVEZ -  Michele SENESI


Opening  Reception:  SATURDAY   July 16th,  6-9 pm 

      July 16th - August 13, 2016



Neumagener Straße 27

Haus 7
13088 Berlin

Marzia Frozen is pleased to announce an  international  group exhibition of a new generation of artists working today. This will be a group exhibition at MARZIA FROZEN in Berlin, and will feature a selection of  paintings, sculptures and drawings.

Early 15c. "of or given by God," from Medieval Latin supernaturalis "above or beyond nature, divine," from Latin super "above"+ natura "nature" . Originally with more of a religious sense, "of or given by God, divine; heavenly;" association with ghosts, etc., has predominated since 19c. Related: Supernaturalism.
That is supernatural, whatever it be, that is either not in the chain of natural cause and effect, or which acts on the chain of cause and effect, in nature, from without the chain. [Horace Bushnell, "Nature and the Supernatural," 1858.

In  order  to the  intelligent  prosecution of  our  subject,  we  need,  first  of  all,  to  settle  on the  true  import import  of  certain  words  and  phrases,  by  the  undistinguishing   and  confused  use  of  which,  more  than  by  any  other  cause,  the  unbelieving  habit  of  our  time  has  been  silenty and imperceptibly determined.  The  are  such  as  these: “Nature” “system of  nature” “the  laws of  nature” “universal  nature” “the  supernatural” and  the  like. The  fist  and  last named,  “nature” and the  “supernatural” most  need  our  attention;  for,  it  these  are  carefully  distinguished,  the  others  will  scarcely fail  to  yield us  their  true meaning.

The  Latin  etymology of the  word  nature  presents  the  true  force  of  the  term,  clear  of  all  ambiguity.  The  nature (natura)  of a  thing  is the  future  participle of its  being  or  becoming-its  about to be,  or  its  about  to  come  to pass; and the radical  idea  is, that there  is, in the thing whose nature  we  speak of, or  in the  show  of things  called  nature,  an  about  to be,  a definite futurition a  fixed law of  coming to  pass, such that,  giving  the  thing,  or  whole of things, all the rest  will  follow by  an  inherent  necessity. In this  view  nature, sometimes called “ universal  nature”,  sometimes  “the  system of  nature,” is  that  created realm of being  or  substance  which  has  an  acting,  a  going  on or process  from within  itself,  under and  by  its  own laws.  Or,  if  we say,  with  some,  that the  laws  are  but  another  name  for  the  immediate  actuating  power of  God,  still  it  makes no  difference,  in  any  other respect,  with  our  conception  of the  system.  It  is  yet as  if  the  laws.  the  powers,  the  actings,  were  inherent  in the  substances,  and  were  by  the  determined. It  is  still  to  our scientific separated  from  our  religious contemplation,  a  chain of  causes  and  effects,  or  a  scheme  of  orderly  succession,  determined  from  within  the  scheme  itself.

Horace Bushnell, "Nature and the Supernatural," 1858.


Francisco AGEITOS
L'Alpe  d'Huez vs Tourmalet
, 2015
Oil on  canvas
120 x 100 cm


  The  Bay of FUN
, 2015
  Mixed  media  on  canvas
100 x 80 cm


  The  Bay of FUN,
  Mixed  media  on  canvas
100 x 80 cm


  Oil on canvas
  70 x 50 cm